A clean shave for you and the ocean.

Albatross Designs story begins with their passion for sailing and sailboat racing.  It was on the sea and in the wild that the destruction of so much natural beauty became apparent.  It was also on the sea where they learned the value of purposeful living.  When underway one cannot escape the necessity of valuing limited resources like water, food, and fuel with the utmost respect and care.  For to run out of clean water is to die.  These facts of sailing lend themselves nicely to the larger issues threatening the environment and climate.  Sailors consume resources like everyone else, but many of us can get by with a lot less.

Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic was started by sailors from California to eliminate an entire harmful waste stream from existing (Disposable Plastic from shaving). They are dedicated to designing a variety of products that all create a positive environmental Benefit. The team at Albatross Designs feel their shaving solutions are not just good for the planet though. They think Double Edged Safety Razors shave better than all multi-bladed cartridge razors. Because of this sentiment, they strive to make their razors as accessible and affordable as possible to all who are interested in living a cleaner lifestyle.

Albatross Butterfly safety Razor New Zealand Plastic Free Zero Waste Store

Why I love them

A team after our own heart, we too love sailing and that feeling of complete relaxation while on the water. It can also be an eye opening experience to see first-hand the impact that plastic waste has on our oceans and on our shorelines.  Switching to a safety razor was high on my list of things to change, and during my research I came across Albatross Designs. Their passion for our oceans, ditching plastic and initiatives like “A Trillion Pieces Of Plastic“ made it an easy win and clearly, the best in the business… and did I mention everything is plastic free.


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