Bee Fresh

Bee Fresh

Bee Fresh was started by Olivia from her home in Canterbury, where she started out making body products for herself, using all-natural ingredients. Plastic guilt and a desire to produce a product that wouldn't damage the environment and end up in landfill led Oliva to investigate plastic free alternatives for packaging.

The result was an all-natural deodorant in a cardboard tube, which looks awesome and decomposes easily after the deodorant is all used up. It's also simple to use and lasts for ages, as you only need a small amount to prevent odours from developing. 

Since going live with her product, Oliva has had great feedback. She knew from there that Bee Fresh would be a hit. They changed the formula multiple times to get it perfect, and it is now just right! They have also added lip balms to the mix. Natural Plastic Free Deodorant compostable packaging

Why I love them

Between Simon and I, we have tried several plastic free natural deodorants, never quite being satisfied with how they worked. The biggest issue we found was the yellow beeswax in some options which left yellow stains on Simon’s shirts.

After seeing Bee Fresh on social media and the great reviews, I knew I needed to try it out. I chatted to Olivia about the issues we had with yellow stains on clothes and she said they had worked on making sure this didn’t happen.

After both hubby and I trialled it for a couple of months, we decided this was the natural deodorant that we wanted to have on our store. We love that Bee Fresh is handmade only uses natural ingredients and has a low waste/plastic free ethos. 

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