The CaliWoods Story

There are lots of little moments and experiences that led to the creation of caliWoods.

Shay’s backpacking adventures spanned different lands and oceans all around the world. Whether the environment was a luscious tropical reef, layered valleys or isolated pockets of humanity, the privilege of seeing and feeling these places caused that little bundle to grow.

Through this time, it also became obvious that the human effect on the natural environment was everywhere. It was hard to ignore the small pieces of plastic littered within the light, bright sand of the world’s most isolated islands.

It was crazy to think that consumption somewhere else had ended up here, a middle-of-nowhere paradise.

The odd sandal. A bottle cap. Fishing nets amongst the reef. Plastic next to ancient Mayan pyramids. It was always there if she looked.

After six years of incredible travel, those collected moments and experiences (and that little bundle) started talking to each other. They collaborated, wrapped themselves around each other and moulded into what makes up CaliWoods today.

The Eco Society Plastic Free Zero waste Store Caliwoods

Why we love them

Early on in my journey to live plastic-free I discovered CaliWoods, a young Kiwi woman with a passion and the drive to make a difference. Shay’s love for travel meant she too experienced the impact we have on the planet first hand.

I love CaliWoods because she doesn’t stop making a difference in the product, they continue to make a difference through the packaging, which is recyclable and completely plastic free, they have agreements with her suppliers to cover both environmental standards and working conditions, they participate in beach cleanups and are offering alternatives in hospitality. And not to mention all the incredible inspiring words posted regularly on social media.

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