Premium Quality German Brushware.

Our brushware represents decades of tradition and craftsmanship: each hand-finished piece is not only beautiful and charming, but also practical.

The finest sustainably sourced in environmentally friendly Raw Materials have been used in the manufacturing of this brush.

These include oiled, waxed or naturally finished beech and pear wood, moisture resistant thermally treated wood, natural bristles from hog, horse, long-haired goat and vegetable fibres, bronze and brass - each specifically matched for the job at hand.

For the perfect combination of function, design, craft and natural quality make it DISHY!

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Why we love them

When sourcing an eco brushware range I knew that it had to be good quality and made from natural materials. Dishy brushes are machine made using natural or animal fibres and are sourced from quality manufacturers in Germany, USA, China and Fair Trade Sri Lanka.

Dishy offer a wide range of brushes made from natural sustainable materials and follow ethical guidelines. A set of eco brushes is something we use daily, so functionality is key. It is also important that we know the products can biodegrade at the end of their life.