I have always loved a bit of DIY, so when I stumbled across some cool fabric second hand I jumped at the opportunity to partner with my mum and repurpose them into everyday reusables. Safe to say they turned out pretty great!

With the support of my mum, we got cracking into making enough to gift to friends and family which then developed into sharing @Little.Eco with Kiwi’s all over NZ.

@Little.Eco products are proudly handmade with love in NZ from recycled materials. Our fabrics are sourced from op shops and recycling centres where, if unsold, they would end up in landfill.

Thank you for choosing to do your bit to help this planet we call home, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

- Brooklyn

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Why we Love them

I love following @Little.Eco, she has been a true inspiration for myself and others. Brooklyn and I have had an "Instagram relationship" for a while, supporting each other, giving advice and having a laugh, so when she introduced her own products using recycled materials I immediately wanted to have her on the store.

Supporting small local business who are not only promoting but living a more sustainable life is hugely important to us, we hope you love her just as much as we do.

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