Meals in Steel

Meals in Steel

Our ethos here at Meals in Steel is to consciously choose eco-friendly products and services that minimize environmental impact and enhance the lives of people living in poverty. We source all of our suppliers on the basis that they must be working towards a better future for everybody, everywhere. We are always looking for better ways of doing things and be a part of creating a better future and good living.

We personally visit our supplier to make sure that it ticks all boxes including following Fair Trade and Environment Policies, treat workers well and follow fair wage policy, follow environmental and sustainable work practices, and positive contribution to the society. Our company also uses minimal energy to operate by running on 4.5 kw solar panels.

Today we see lots of plastic and polystyrene containers are used for carrying and storing food. We even store hot or warm foods in those containers from takeaways and restaurants. This type of container can leach BPA and other toxic substance into our food and body. On top of that, we are making our environment polluted by recycling and landfilling those materials such as plastics and polystyrene, which can take at least 500 years to decompose.

Why we Love them

Where do I start!  Their efforts to provide quality products that meet ethical and sustainable practices is pretty impressive. From how the products are made right through to it being delivered to your door. 

Meals in Steel align with all our values, providing quality products that are both ethical and sustainable. Owned and operated right here in New Zealand, working hard towards reducing the world's consumption of single-use plastic.

They try to keep pricing affordable to encourage and involve the community in making changes and regularly donates products to schools and community for fundraising.

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