The Eco Society

The Eco Society

Hello! There is a lot of information about us over on our ‘About’ Page, but I want to tell you a bit more about me and the products we have created.

I have always had a soft spot for good quality products, and generally was more than happy to spend a little extra to ensure that what I was buying would last as long as possible. These days, it seems that we are encouraged to shop for cheap disposable products, shop for next hot thing, and as a result the items that we buy hold very little value to us, creating a wasteful society - I want to change that.

During my journey to live more sustainably, I realised that there were a few items that could help me live without plastic and with less waste that I couldn’t find. This is why I started working on our Amber Glass Bottle range, a collection of aesthetically pleasing refillable bottles that could be used over and over again, eliminating plastic waste from our home, and great for use with our bulk liquid purchases.

With my technical background in fashion, my love for sewing and my hate for synthetic fabrics, I will shortly be releasing a linen range. Linen is a great fabric, and something I have wanted to work with for a while. It dries fast and is naturally antibacterial, making it perfect for travel (which we like to do). As a personal preference over cotton, I set out to create our Linen collection using material sourced from local clothing labels or suppliers which stock end of lines which would otherwise be discarded.

It is of course always better to use what you have first or buy 2nd hand before buying new! A great business motto for someone who sells stuff to make a living, but this isn’t about the money, it is about promoting a more sustainable way of living, a place to inspire others to rethink and reduce their impact on the planet and respect all those who live on it.

And as I have mentioned before, this is a stepping stone to what I want The Eco Society to really be.

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