The Green Collective

The Green Collective

The Green Collective is based in Nelson, New Zealand. A small town but they have big dreams to help you live in a more sustainable way. If they could inspire you to change one habit then they are delighted! Always inspired to look at their daily habits and how they could improve them.

Since 2014 The Green Collective has proudly conducted months of research, testing and reviewing to create their product line. Working with as many local companies as possible (Nelson and New Zealand). 

'Reduce, reuse and recycle' has always been one of The Green Collectives motto’s and if you add 're-purpose, re-fresh and re-create' you start to get a sense of how they see the world and its possibilities. Often when they thought of products that were eco-friendly, the colours beige, or brown came to mind, but the team at The Green Collective thought why can’t they be fun and yet still retaining a low ecological footprint!

Why I love them

What is not to love (a common saying of mine). We love supporting small NZ businesses doing their bit to make a difference and inspire others to live in a more sustainable way. They put time and effort into research to create their products, and the best part is they tell you all about their products. They have also done independent research to show that the dishcloths take about 5 weeks to break down, which is a huge positive in my book.

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