Wooden Computer and Car Brush


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icon-plastic-free Plastic Free
Compostable Compostable
Vegan Vegan
Handmade Handmade
Made from Recycled material Recycled Material
Organic Organic

Good for you and the plant by switching to natural and sustainable beauty products.


two brushes on a  hinge, suitable for cleaning hard to reach areas particularly laptops, computers or in cars.

Oiled beechwood with natural bristles. Dark bristles are dorsal bristles of a species of bristle pigs which are only kept in China. Light coloured or black “wild boar bristles”, the longer the bristles the stronger they are. Natural coloured bristles is goat hair, derived from the Chinese long-haired goat, this extremely fine and silky soft hair is particularly suited for use in baby brushes, face brushes and other cosmetics brushes.

Size: 7x1cm.

Made in Germany

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