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The Family Draw String Bags 3PK

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The Family of Eco Saint bags is great for picking up your fresh produce, dry bulk foods or bakery goodies. They keep food fresher for longer which helps reduce food waste.

Did you know plastic bags from the supermarket suffocating your vegetables, reducing their fridge life!


Yes, that right, most fruit and vegetables release an ethylene gas after its harvested. When trapped in plastic bag it restricts the air circulation which accelerates spoilage of the food. Eco Saint bags allow the produce to breathe and minimise moisture formation.

The Family pack gives you 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large of for all occasions. The small and medium bags are made from a lightweight jute cotton, ideal for picking up your fresh produce and storing them in your fridge. The larger bag is great for bread and heavier items like potatoes and apples.

  • Small Bag - 24cm x 19cm | tare weight 26gms
  • Medium Bag - 30cm x 24cm | tear weight 38gms
  • Large Bag - 38cm x 29cm | tear weight 84gms


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