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Clear Glass Bottle Pump Handwash

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Refill & Reuse

our signature printed glass bottle range has been created for and by The Eco Society as a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional waste-free alternative for the home.


Our ’Handwash’ glass bottle comes with a high-quality black plastic twist pump. Designed to be endlessly refilled with our favourite bulk brought liquid, consecrate or DIY mix. Available in 300ml or 500ml. 

Sourced from a New Zealand family run wholesale, then screen printed, and kiln fired locally in Aotearoa.


  • 300ml - 19cm height  (pump open), 7.5cm
  • 500ml - 21cm Height (pump open), 8.5cm width 

Tip: To open the pump remove it from the bottle and untwist firmly counterclockwise. 

300ml Made in China, 500ml Made in Germany | Printed in New Zealand

*Note: Bottle comes empty

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