Rose Gold Metal Straw Mixed Pack


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Plastic Straws Suck

Eco-Luxe Rose Gold... Giving you the best of both worlds in style. This pack includes both bent drinking straws and smoothie straws.

Plastic straws are a huge contributor to ocean pollution and some of the most powerful imagery I have seen highlighting the impact of plastic on the environment has involved straws.


The CaliWoods Rose Gold Mixed Pack gives you a little bit of eco-goodness with each sip and means you will be ready for any straw related situation. With both drinking straws and smoothie straws in one pack, this is a great way to start your sustainable journey.

This Rose Gold mixed pack includes 2 x Drinking straws, 2 x Smoothie straws and a natural fibre cleaning brush. The straws are made from food grade, 18/8 Stainless Steel. The cleaning brush is made from natural fibre bristles and all packaging is completely plastic-free. This is a completely Plastic-Free product.

Read more about why straw suck over on our blog post "Why straws suck in more ways than one".

The manufacturing of Caliwood reusables are split between China, Taiwan and NZ.

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