Long Handle Silver Razor - 3 piece


Shaving is luxurious with our Safety Razor. Take your low-waste bathroom routine to the next level with this plastic-free alternative. Available in Slate, Copper and Silver colours.

Each Safety Razor includes the following:

  • 1 x Safety Razor - Measurements 9.4cm (h) Handle, 4.4cm (l) Blade Holding Plate
  • 5 x Stainless Steel Blades with Blade Return Envelope

Reusable Safety Razors are different from the plastic kinds lining supermarket shelves. They're ultra-sustainable, as you only need to change the blades, and they will last well when cared for properly. They are unisex and can be used on all parts of your body. Caliwoods even take back the blades for recycling through our Blade Take Back Program.

These Safety Razors are easy to use and give you a close silky smooth shave. Couple a low-waste shaving soap, then simply lather up, and you're good to go. Gentle pressure is key, you can let the weight of the stainless steel do the work for you! 

Also available in Rose Gold and Slate 



Safety Razor is made from certified Stainless Steel Type 304 20% and Zinc Alloy 80%

Razor Blades are certified 100% Stainless Steel and are hyper-recyclable. Please note that these often cannot be recycled curbside because they are small and sharp; please see the details about our Blade Take Back Program for recycling your used Razor Blades in New Zealand

Change your safety razor blades regularly. A sharp blade will give you the best shave, and switching them out and wiping the parts prevents any residue in your Safety Razor

Rinse - Give your Safety Razor a thorough rinse to prevent discolouration from soap residue after each use

Dry - Use a towel to dry your Razor, and don't store it in the shower. Take apart the three pieces and give them a dry if it's going to be a while between each use

A Razor Stand will help the water drain off your Safety Razor. We recommend the stand as a very useful add-on as it prevents pooling water and keeps your Razor in a safe place

Packaging is an FSC-certified cardboard box with instructions on the reverse side and a kraft paper envelope

Caliwoods offer Cali Razor Replacement Parts. We are serious about creating products that last for ages and giving customers the right to repair. If anything should ever happen to your Safety Razor, or you lose a part, we have the separate pieces available via email order

They also take back the blades for recycling through our Blade Take Back Program - check out our FQA page for details

No Frills Shipping

We like to keep things simple and eco-friendly! That's why we skip the branded tissue paper, stickers, and fancy thank you cards.

Local pick up

Free local pick up available in Eden Terrace, Auckland. Once order has been placed, just contact us to arrange pick up time.

Our Signature Bottles

Refill & Reuse

Designed to be endlessly refilled and reused. Our bottles are screen printed here in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, then kiln fired. Creating a long lasting, washable print.


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