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This beautiful handwoven basket is made from fallen palm fronds, and incorporate sustainable by-products that would otherwise have gone to waste. It also creates an income for farmers during winter months.

Perfect for your package free shopping adventure at the local farmers market.


This large panier (French for basket) is handmade by farmers in Morocco using traditional methods. They are hand woven from strips of fallen palm fronds which are then sewn together in rounds.

Sturdy leather handles are made from goat, cow or camel hide, also a sustainable by-product, which would otherwise go to waste. These baskets provide the farmers with an income during the winter when there are no crops

Each basket is unique, no two are quite the same so these measurements are only a rough guideline. It is 60cm in height, 46cm dia across the top, 32cm dia base and the handle length 26cm.

The ultimate sustainable shopper, it is stylish, light-weight but strong and ideal for food shopping, the beach and/or storage.

Check out how we shop package free on our blog post “Our package free adventure to the grocery store”.

Handmade in Morocco.

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