Organic Bulk Bin Bags Small 3pk

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Get your bulk on.

Bulk shopping made easy, and without the need to lug heavy glass jars around!


Ideal for dry goods when bulk buying, these organic cotton draw string bags make bulk shopping that little bit easier. No need to lug your heavy glass jars with you when you can use these light weight alternatives. The 3 pack includes 108 blank stickers for product codes.

The design of the bags means there are no seams on the bottom, and each side seam is finished to be well sealed, so are perfect for bulk dry goods. Rethink bulk bags are made from sustainably produced unbleached Indian cotton, are 100% biodegradable and are certified organic. They even come with a GOTS certificate, recognising this brand as environmentally and socially responsible.

  • 5 x 19 cm | tare weight 20 g

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