Safety Razor Blade Refill Pack - 20pk


Refill your safety razor over and over again with these high-quality double-edged razor blade refills.

  • 20 x Razor Refill Blades 

These Safety Razor Blades fit the CaliWoods Safety Razor and most other Safety Razors from other brands (check the image of the blade out of the packet to see the shape if you are buying to fit another brand). 

They are 100% Stainless Steel and come packaged plastic-free. Each pack comes in an envelope that has the return address for our Blade Recycling Program. 

100% Stainless Steel

Change your safety razor blades regularly. A sharp blade will give you the best shave, and switching them out and wiping the parts prevents any residue in your Safety Razor

Rinse - Give your Safety Razor a thorough rinse to prevent discolouration from soap residue after each use

Dry - Use a towel to dry your Razor, and don't store it in the shower. Take apart the three pieces and give them a dry if it's going to be a while between each use

A Razor Stand will help the water drain off your Safety Razor. We recommend the stand as a very useful add-on as it prevents pooling water and keeps your Razor in a safe place

Packaging is an FSC-certified cardboard envelope

Caliwoods take back the blades for recycling through our Blade Take Back Program - check out our FQA page for details

No Frills Shipping

We like to keep things simple and eco-friendly! That's why we skip the branded tissue paper, stickers, and fancy thank you cards.

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Free local pick up available in Eden Terrace, Auckland. Once order has been placed, just contact us to arrange pick up time.

Our Signature Bottles

Refill & Reuse

Designed to be endlessly refilled and reused. Our bottles are screen printed here in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, then kiln fired. Creating a long lasting, washable print.


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