Meals in Steel

Stainless Steel Large Double Layer Container

icon-plastic-free Plastic Free
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Vegan Vegan
Handmade Handmade
Made from Recycled material Recycled Material
Organic Organic

Ethically Made

Large size double level stainless steel container, perfect for your homemade lunches on the go. It also comes with a snack box which is great for Dips, fruit or sweet treats.


Keep food fresh and plastic free with this stainless steel container. The double level and small snack box gives you multiple ways to use this item, catering for all occasions.

This large size container is 18cm x 13cm x 9cm in height, the small container is 12cm x 6cm x 4cm in height. The top and bottom levels clip together with the latches on the side. As it is made from stainless steel it is durable and long lasting and a great alternative to plastic.

Please note this product is not leak proof, but it is fair to say if you are not holding it upside down or driving around the corner at speed you shouldn’t have any issues.

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