5 Ways To Gift Our Signature Bottles

5 Ways To Gift Our Signature Bottles

The holiday season is around the corner and we're here to show you five simple and creative ways to gift our signature printed bottles.  

1) For the one who likes to be pampered

Gift our Handwash & Lotion Bottle with...

  • Natural body loofah or brush
  • NZ-made skincare or soap
  • Rose Gold Safety Razor set

 Make it extra special: add a beauty/massage gift card


2) For the one who likes to entertain

Pair our Dishwash & Handwash Bottle with...

  • Fun & Stylish Teatowels
  • Homemade/Boutique Foods
  • Cookbook
  • Wooden Cooking/Serving Utensils
  • Local Wine or Craft Beer

 Make it extra special: add a cooking class or restaurant gift card


3) Something more masculine

Match our Bodywash & Handwash Bottle with...

  • Safety Razor set
  • Beard oil
  • NZ Made soaps or hair products
  • Natural Perfume

 Make it extra special: add a facial or beard grooming voucher


4) For the one you want to inspire
Select a range of bottles with your choice of...
  • Refill Concentrates
  • Bulk Food Store Voucher
  • DIY Recipe/Ingredients

 Make it extra special: add a “Come refill shopping with me” voucher or a “DIY tutorial with me” gift card


5) For the one who wants it all

Our refillable glass bottles are the perfect gift, create a custom set tailored to anyone's style

Here are some gift set ideas :

1 x Handwash

1 x Shampoo

1 x Conditioner

1 x Bodywash

1 x Lotion

1 x Handwash

1 x Dishwash

1x Multipurpose Cleaner

1 x Glass Cleaner

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