No Frills Shipping

Because fancy packaging just isn't us

But what does this mean...

We like to keep things simple and eco-friendly! That's why we skip the branded tissue paper, stickers, and thank you cards. But don't worry, we still love to say thanks! You'll find our heartfelt message in your order confirmation email.

What packaging do we use

Using a combination of pre-loved and new materials, all sourced sustainably and completely plastic-free. Plus, we only use paper or card packaging - no compostable or bio-packaging. We know not everyone has access to composting facilities, but paper or card can be composted or recycled right at your doorstep. We're committed to making sustainability accessible for everyone. 🌍♻️

Sticky business

Water Activated Paper tape

We're proud to use water-activated paper tape, even though it may require a little more effort to apply and we get sticky fingers in the process. We believe that the positive impact on the environment is well worth the extra care and attention needed.

The best we can do

Courier Labels

Most Courier labels are made of acrylic and won't biodegrade. That’s why we use comPOSTlabels by Better Packaging. They are Certified industrially compostable and the adhesive is also carefully formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials. While we understand this can't be composted at home, we feel it's the better option.

Commercially Compostable EN13432


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