AWWA | Period Underwear

AWWA | Period Underwear

Over a glass of wine two kiwi women, Kylie and Michele got talking about what the future looks like for their daughters, and wondered: Why is technology in every other area of our lives evolving so quickly, but our options for managing our periods are limited to bulky pads or tampons, or a cup that was first designed in the 1930s? Why are we still clogging up landfill with non-biodegradable single-use menstrual products?

Surely we can do better. Let's revolutionise the way us wahine menstruate forever.

Awwa Period Proof Underwear

AWWA, formally known as I am Eva, was born.

One $27,000 Kickstarter goal smashed, one very successful period panties test run, and many glasses of wine later, here we are.

Not content to sit around in their underwear all day, these two wahine toa (who also run the successful Kai Carrier and Frankie Apothecary businesses) have also decided to donate 5% of all AWWA underwear produced towards ending period poverty in New Zealand.

Period poverty is real. Period.

And it’s happening in New Zealand.

Women and girls are resorting to stuffing rags, toilet paper, nappies and socks in their underwear, because they and their families can’t afford menstrual products. Or even if they do have some sanitary products, they use tampons and pads longer than is hygienic. And when these dangerous and uncomfortable options don’t work, they are forced to stay home from work and school out of shame and discomfort, losing days of earnings and education.

It's not good enough.

Poverty is enough to deal with, without worrying about how you’re going to afford menstrual products. Enough is enough.

At AWWA we are committed to changing this scenario. We are part of a movement to end period poverty and to ensure that all girls and women have access to menstrual products.

Let’s end period poverty together.

Donate AWWA

Choose to support a woman or girl in New Zealand by donating a pair of AWWA period underwear. We work with charities fighting period poverty in New Zealand and will gift this pair of undies to a wahine in need right here in Aotearoa, so she no longer needs to worry about the cost of period products, or missing work or school.

Feel free to gift more than one. And know that for every pair you gift, we will be gifting 5% of all AWWA  undies too, so your gift is really 105% of a pair of period-proof underwear!

AWWA Donate Page Here

*Images and content from AWWA Website


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