Wā Collective | Menstrual Cups

Wā Collective | Menstrual Cups

Wā Collective is a social enterprise. These ladies are a collective of fun, empowered humans ending period poverty, period waste and the period taboo in Aotearoa.

Menstrual cups are just the beginning. 

Their birth
Two years ago the Wā Collective put out a survey. A bloody good one, with a bloody terrible finding:
🍒 Of 1000 menstruating students, one third had skipped class because of a lack of access to menstrual products 
To say the least, they were shocked and saddened. Via a lot of maths, they then discovered:
🍒 NZ sends 357 million disposible tampons and pads to landfill anually, that's enough to wrap the circumference of the globe.
So, they set about pulling a few strings to find the best solution, with no strings attached.

Donated & Subsidised cups

It's simple, every gold standard Wā menstrual cup sold subsidises one for a student in need, keeping students in class and stopping period poverty from adversely affecting education in Aotearoa. #StandingOvulation

You can either donate a cup here or get one for yourself which subsidises one for a student. 

*Images and content from Wā Cup Website

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