United Sustainable Sisters | Reusable Pads

United Sustainable Sisters | Reusable Pads

United Sustainable Sisters is a Tāmaki WRAP project that began through a community response to issues around accessibility to women's menstrual products. Through creating awareness and increasing access to sustainable menstrual options they hope to alleviate barriers and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Key project areas:

  • Equipping women with cloth menstrual pads. Depending on circumstance, involvement and choice, these can be donated or purchased.
  • Sewing menstrual pads using a social enterprise model to create and distribute.
  • Awareness and education on reusable menstrual options.

Big Goals:

For reusable menstrual options more accessible to women in Auckland, particularly women in need.

To become a social enterprise where we are economically sustainable in the long term.

More awesome stuff

Equipped 95 women in Auckland with menstrual cups.

Created, tested and finalised our own menstrual pad pattern (licenced under Creative Commons) and sewing has commenced.

Facilitated workshops and seminars on reusable menstrual products in and around Auckland. We are especially focused on running workshops for our sisters in need. We are proud to run workshops at Auckland City Mission, New Zealand Prostitutes Collective and Lifewise, among others.

We host a closed Facebook group where women can support each other in their use of reusable menstrual products. The Facebook group is a great place to ask questions about reusable products in a safe, supportive environment and to promote awareness on reusable options.

Engaged with the health care sector in promoting reusable menstrual options by health professionals.


None of this comes for free. While we have been blessed with an initial seed fund from Auckland Council Waste minimization fund, and are aiming to be sustainable in all that we do, we are not sustainable yet. If you would like to sponsor USS or make a one off donation please do so.

Donation details are over on their Facebook page under 'General Information'.

They also offer and buy one donate one program. 

If you would like to know more about United Sustainable Sisters and/or about reusable menstrual products please email them at unitedsustainablesisters@gmail.com

*Images and content from United Sustainable Sisters facebook page

Thanks, Amanda in Waste Free Land (co founder) for sharing some extra information with me.

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