The Eco Society About Us Krystal SayerOur Story

Hi! I’m Krystal, and with the support of my hubby Simon, we have created The Eco Society. A sustainable lifestyle blog and store where we share our journey and promote a sustainable way of living, to make conscious decisions to reduce our impact on the environment. Along with informative and supportive blog posts, we offer a range of products trial and tested by us from like minded businesses.

So how did we jump on the sustainable living bandwagon and why did we launch an online store? Well… it’s a long story so I’ll break it up into two sections, The Blog and The Store. 

The Blog

Our love of travel. We’ve strived to spend our life chasing new experiences, exploring our world, sampling new cultures and making a conscious choice to live more sustainably. Whether it be day to day life, local or international adventures, eating, exploring or spending time with family and friends, making a conscious choice to reduce our environmental impact while enjoying all these things comes into consideration no matter where we are in the world.

We understand that it is not easy to start with, but trust me once you start, you can’t stop.  Each person holds different values, the reason you might choose to change your lifestyle will almost always be different to others, and that’s ok. At the end of the day, no matter how big or small your change or your reasons behind it, we are still making a difference.

During our journey, I have seen how my passion has inspired others, which has been a truly empowering experience. So why not take it to another level and start a blog to share our life adventures, to inspire others like others have inspired us, and show that you can have fun adventuring through life while still protecting this beautiful world we live in for future generations to enjoy it as much as we are.

The Store

We have some big dreams for The Eco Society, I shared this story in one of our blog post “Dream Big, work hard and make it happen”. There has been a lot of hard work put into the next step of The Eco Society, a stepping stone towards our long-term goal - an online store where you can find product used by myself, my husband or friends. Product that can help you live more responsibly through being plastic and waste-free and offering full transparency, so you can have confidence in what you are buying.

A store where we give you ALL the information about the product and the brands behind them. Our goal is to be able to tell you everything about the product – material’s, care, what is replaces & why we love it, how it got to me, how it will get to you and how you can look after it and dispose of it at the end of its life cycle.

There will be a mix of local and international brands and a few own branded items. I am trying my best to have full transparency, to ensure that everything aligns with my values and are both sustainable and ethical. Where this isn’t possible, I will explain why and will continue to work on improving that.

"It is of course always better to use what you have first or buy 2nd hand before buying new! A great business motto for someone who sells stuff to make a living, but this isn’t about the money, it is about promoting a more sustainable way of living, a place to inspire others to rethink and reduce their impact on the planet and respect all those who live on it."


This site is all about sharing our journey, our story, to live a more sustainable life. We are not perfect, we have our good days and we have our bad. We will continue to grow and learn and hopefully, along the way inspire others. Just as we have been inspired by our friends, family and even sometimes complete strangers to reduce our environmental impact. 

Enjoy the journey