Plastic Free Shipping

Here at The Eco Society, we have worked hard to ensure your eco goodies will arrive safely and with the environment in mind. 

We reuse packaging received from our suppliers where we can, as well as non plastic packaging donated from friends and family. To keep your orders plastic free we remove all sticky tape, stickers, labels and invoice sleeves.

What we use:

To keep up with the volume of orders we have had to also start using new packaging, we choose products made from recycled and/or sustainable materials where we can. 

Boxes - Mixture or reused and new boxes, which can be reuse, recycle or compost.

Courier Envelopes

  • Jiffy Padded Mailers, made from 100% recycled paper, reuse, recycle or compost.
  • r3pack's cushioned paper courier bags, reuse, recycle or compost.

Tape - Water activated vegetable gum paper tape, which can be recycle or compost.

Corrugated Card - Used to wrap out bottles. Made from recycled and sustainable materials, which can be recycle or compost.

Stuffing - RANPAK FILLPAK Kraft paper, which can be recycle or compost.

Courier Labels - Better Packaging comPOSTlabels, Certified industrially compostable (EN13432) the adhesive is carefully formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials.


Disclaimer: While we do our best to avoid plastic packaging it's not always possible and were we can we work with our suppliers to reduce this at the source. Any plastic packaging that comes from our suppliers is disclosed under the product packaging details.


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