Here at The Eco Society, we have worked hard to ensure your eco goodies will arrive safely and with the environment in mind. Our orders will be delivered plastic free and using recycled packaging or packaging made from recycled materials where possible. 

For us, using preloved packaging that already exists or which is made from recyclable materials was a more sustainable choice.


Just like our jar collection, our parcels will vary in shapes and sizes depending on what’s available. Even though each parcel will look unique and not necessarily ‘beautiful’, we are giving that packaging another life.


Our cardboard boxes are pre-loved, reused from parcels delivered to us or ordered from Packaging Recyclers who collect used boxes from local businesses.

As the boxes are pre-loved, they do come with some packing tape and sometimes other labels. We will remove these before sending your parcel to guarantee they are plastic free. We are working on ensuring we can dispose of packing tape and other labels correctly.


Parcels are secured closed using paper tape with vegetable gum. The adhesive gum is water activated by running a wet cloth over gum before use. This is a little bit more work than traditional plastic packing tape, but we think it’s worth it to ensure we aren’t adding any unnecessary plastic to the waste stream.

Kraft Card

We have a massive roll of kraft card kicking around which we will be using to wrap some parcels, providing extra protection and to send you a thank you note.

Bits and Pieces

Basically, anything that comes through our doors that can be reused will be reused. To ensure your eco goodies arrive safely, it may come wrapped in old newspaper, reused tissue paper or bits of broken cardboard boxes. 

Responsible Disposal

Please ensure you dispose of your packaging responsibly if you cannot reuse or repurpose it first. 

  • Boxes can be reused over and over again and can be recycled at the end of their life along with our paper tape still attached.
  • Newspaper, kraft card and tape can be home composted, added to your worm farm or recycled locally.
  • Ideally get creative and think of other ways to reuse all of these products (don’t forget to share this with us via email, messages or tagging us).


Most of the vendors we work with are eco conscious businesses who are doing their bit to avoid plastic and unnecessary packaging. However, as you may know, this is not always possible and there is the odd sneaky bit of plastic or excess packaging that we receive when the goods are shipped to us. Where possible we work with those vendors to reduce the plastic and excess packaging. In the meantime, any plastic we have received will be disposed of to the best of our ability.

This has not been a big issue and the most common culprit is packing tape. Our 2nd hand boxes were delivered shrink wrapped and strapped. This is to protect the box during delivery, for future orders, I can collect them to avoid this.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us, we would love to hear from you.