Wooden Dish Brush 5cm

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Doing dishes never felt so good. This natural wood and Tampico fibre dish brush is ethically made using sustainable materials.

The brush heads can be replaced and are fully compostable.


An easy swap and a great place to start your plastic free journey in the kitchen. Made from natural wood and Tampico fibre, this dish brush has a 5cm replaceable head, making it the perfect sustainable alternative to the standard plastic dish brushes from the supermarket.

Tampico is a robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus. It has great water-retaining properties, is hard-wearing and keeps its shape without softening. The fibre has tiny hooks on the shafts which give it a natural slightly abrasive quality.

The Dishy brush range is machine made to a very good quality using natural materials, meaning that it’s also biodegradable at the end of its life.

Made in Germany

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