The Ama Life

The Ama Life inspires people to be outside being active and living adventures through overcoming their challenges.  To live an Ama life.

Ama values and encourages people to:

1. Be conscious of their environmental impact and footprint.  We achieve this through utilising recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging and use ingredients that cause no or less harm to our oceans.

2. Aim to source natural ingredients from suppliers that are ethical and sustainable.  Giving you confidence that Ama is a natural product that is good for our skin as well as for the environment and community.

3. To treat life as an adventure.  Always striving to explore, develop and be brave to push through boundaries.  To have open and imaginative eyes.

4. Participate in no animal testing. 


Do you love to spend your time adventuring around? So do we! We call it “the Ama life”!

As part of our journeys we saw a need to develop a natural solution to everyday skincare that works for us, the adventurers.  We don’t all want to spend hours on regimes in the bathroom.  We want to be outside to see the sunrise, checking the “cast”!

But.  We do all need to feed our skin!  Boys and girls!  Especially after hours in the ocean, hiking a mountain or flying in the wind.

This is how Ama was born!  Through a care for the health of the environment and ourselves, we started to make simple products that you, the adventurers need and enjoy using. 

Made here in beautiful New Zealand, using only natural ingredients, Ama products are a mix of oils and butters that contain no water or emulsifiers.  A little goes a long way and the skin is fully hydrated rather than having the drying out effect of lotion.  Loading them with natural ingredients means you can be confident they not only feel good, they are good.

The balms are perfect for pretty much everything!  Not just for lips, these cleverly designed super balms can be used as an after-sun, a bug repellent and soother, on cuts, dry patches … the list is endless!  In a handy tin, your favourite balm can go everywhere with you.  We’ve even gotten into the habit of having an “Ama moment”!  As soon as we are back in the car after a session in the sun or wind, we grab a pot of Ama and cover the face in it.  Hmmmm, feel the skin soothe and relax in the moment!!

The body bars are an exciting new addition.  We have a sneaky obsession with them ourselves.  A solid moisturiser for all over the body, these are perfect alternatives to drying lotions. You just glide over your skin and indulge!  You will never suffer a dry moment again.  Seriously, they are awesome. 

Nature's Armour - Zinc! We've kept the mix of ingredients simple and every one has it's purpose.  The end result?  A nourishing water resistant block.  What we like to call, "nature's armour".

Zinc oxide is a mineral that sits on top of the skin, so don't rub in too much.  Let it sit on the surface where it can scatter, reflect and absorb UVA & UVB rays.  

We haven’t quite got everything covered and this year you will see a few more products being released.  We’re out there with you feeling the pain of weathered skin, dry hair and the consequences of nasty chemicals in products. 

We want to give you what you need! 

So head outside, have some fun and drop us a line if there’s adventure skincare issues we can help solve. 

And keep living the Ama life :)