S2 | E5 – Being more sustainable in the workplace

S2 | E5 – Being more sustainable in the workplace

A popular topic that I’m often asked about, we discuss how you can be more sustainable in the workplace and how you can get others on board, including talking about what is happening in Nic’s workplace.

We catch up on what we’ve been up to, including our respective trips to Rarotonga where we talk about Krystal’s fav eco find and some great initiatives that could help the island reduce their waste.

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Precious Plastic - Open source machines, tools and infrastructures to fight plastic pollution from the bottom up. For free.

FSC - responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially

PEFC - sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

Smashed Avocados - Pop up Store in Wellington, where you can find our The Eco Society goodies


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